Samoa Apia Mission - March 2015 - 2017

Friday, March 27, 2015

Week 1

From home, to Jace:

Dear Elder Lamoreaux,

Today I want to thank you so much for having the courage and desire to serve a mission. I know it was hard to say goodbye, but we couldn't have been more proud of you than when you walked towards the MTC.

You were promised in your blessing by President Walker that as you serve faithfully, your family will be blessed with protection, with increased testimony, more love, and a decrease in contention. 

Today we were protected as we drove home. The well used tires on the van were able to hold together long enough to drop you off.  Then, about 1/3 of the way home, one of the back tires burst while we were driving. No one was hurt, we didn't hit into any of the large trucks driving near us, and it happened close to a nice rest stop where the children were able to play on the grass while dad put the spare tire on. I felt a peaceful spirit during the whole thing. 

Dad told us about what his MTC experience was like on his first day so we'd kind of know what you were doing today.  Did you know that when Dad was there, the MTC was too full, and there weren't enough rooms for all the missionaries? So Dad and a couple of other Elders actually slept in a hall closet in the MTC. They rolled in a rack for them to hang their clothes on, and they lived out of their suitcases while there. Pretty funny considering that he also slept in a closet with Gumby and Joe and his friend Aaron after his mission.
I added a few of our family's email addresses to your email contact list, and I will continue to update it with your friend's email addresses.  We can make a group of "everyone", "immediate family", & extended family. I will also start an address book that I will mail to you for when you are in Samoa.

We will remember you in our nightly prayers tonight and always for the next 2 years.
I love you very much,


From Jace:
Talofa! Glad to hear that all you guys are alright. Haha I am not sleeping in a closet, in fact We have two extra beds in our room. ;) In my zone we have 6 elders from Samoa, Tonga, and Australia. 
I am one of 4 white elders in the zone. I was assigned to be senior companion last night. My companion is Elder Nauer (nower) from Samoa. He is going to be serving in the Marshal islands and speaking Keribas. His English is alright but he can be a little hard to understand sometimes. He is a big help with learning Samoan. 
My branch president is President Willis. He is one of the most loving people in the entire world and really helps me feel the love of God. 
Samoan is coming along...ish. Haha I still feel quite lost but today at 6 I am going to be teaching my first investigator using only Samoan. That should be exciting. 
I got to go to the temple this morning and I love the spirit that abides there. I have learned in these couple days that I will get out of the MTC what ever I put into it. My first day we had some investigators come into the MTC and talk with the green missionaries. At first I was kind of zoning out and thinking about other things, but I was able to realize that the only way that I can learn and grow here is if I have the spirit. I got my mind on the topics we were discussing and was able to lead the teaching and teach with the spirit. I have learned that the spirit will help you testify only as you get moving and try your best. The spirit doesn't always tell you the exact things to say, but he does tell you if what you are saying is right or wrong. 
 Elder Ransome, Elder Paki, Elder Egbert, Elder Hingano, Elder Lamoreaux, Elder Nauer

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