Samoa Apia Mission - March 2015 - 2017

Friday, April 3, 2015

Week 2

Well this last Tuesday Elder Nauer and I were assigned to be the zone leaders for our zone. Its a little bit scary since some of the elders have been here anywhere from 5 weeks to 4 months. Samoan is coming along. I have found that to simple questions I am in the habit of replying in Samoan and that makes me happy. I can also say prayers in Samoan and teach most of the restoration in Samoan. This week I learned the importance of Christ like love. I cannot lead and teach the people in my zone if I don't feel love for them. And also I have to love my companion if we are going to work together in leading the zone by example. As I have prayed and studied charity, the pure love of Christ, I have noticed an increase in love toward all the elders and sisters in my zone. Having the responsibility for them makes me want to be the best missionary I can be so that I can help them in any way the Lord wants me to.
Thanks so much for the package! Those cookies were amazing! ;) And the notes and oil guides were awesome as well. ;) I tried to get some pictures to send, but only some of the computers here will let me add pictures and I am on one of the dumb ones. ;) 
O te Alofa ia 'oe!
-Elder lamoreaux

[Note from Tasha: I sent him some cookies that he had made before he left on his mission.  We had put them in the freezer when he made them. I told him he'll probably get more in about 2 years. :)]

Letter to Jace from Bob:
I want to second everything that Mom said. Plus I have to say that you have an incredible Mom.
I got a little misty eyed when we dropped you off, but whenever I think of missing you I just feel so excited about what you are experiencing in the MTC. I loved my experience there and I envision you having similar experiences. It will be tough at times, it was for me, but just love your comp, the opportunity to learn, the spirit that you get to bask in. What a wonderful time...
Keep the wheels turning so God's Spirit can steer you, and run the wheels off.
Love you,

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