Samoa Apia Mission - March 2015 - 2017

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A day in the life of a Samoan missionary

Matagofie Samoa
The day starts at 6:30am. It starts with communication with our Father in Heaven. I ask Him to bless us through out the day and guide us with His spirit. Then we exercise. After that we shower, get dressed, comb our hairs, and put on our name tags.

Every day when we put on our name tags we declare that we represent Jesus Christ. Everything we do must be in accordance to what He would do. When ever I put on my name tag I feel the sacred responsibility of the calling as a missionary.

Studies start at 8 am (after a healthy breakfast of Saimini and water.) We do an hour of personal studies, where we study things that help us become better missionaries. Recently I have been studying chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel. This chapter talks about Christlike Attributes and I am studying one of them in depth every week. This week is alofa mama ma alofa, Charity and Love.

After personal studies we do two hours of companion study, one hour of training for me because I am still mosi, and then one hour of preparing for our lessons that day. We look at the needs of all the people we will visit that day and then we plan lessons according to their needs.

After comp study we do an hour of language study. In the language study the language.

We leave the house at 12 and go Tala'i, preach. Before we leave the house we always ask to be guided by the Holy Ghost. In a day we usually teach about 5-7 lessons to investigators and 2-3 to less-actives.

At 6 pm we go to Fafaga. Every night we have a fafaga at a members house. We usually eat Taro, Fish, Bread Fruit, Fried Chicken, some weird soups with lots of leaves in it, and a lot of other stuff. And of course Samoans always cover everything in pe'epe'e or coconut cream, as all you white people call it. ;)

After fafaga we will go continue proselyting till 9 pm when we return to the house. As soon as we get home we plan for the next day, who we will visit, what lessons we will teach, how many lessons, referrals, contacts, new investigators, and lessons taught with a member present we will have during the day. Then we shower. Before we sleep we close our day with an accounting to our Heavenly Father of our actions, thoughts and words during the day. Then we sleep. Wake up, and repeat.

Alofa atu ia te outou!
 Elder Lamoreaux

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