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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ezekiel 34:1-16

Making koko samoa
This week we had a zone conference with our mission president right before he left. We focused on Ezekiel 34:1-16. It talks about how the shepherds of Israel are feeding themselves instead of feeding the flock.

We talked about how as missionaries we are representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and we are His shepherds taking care of his sheep here on earth. We are given the responsibility to care for the flock, bring back those that are lost, bind that which is broken, and heal the sick. But many times we focus on ourselves rather then the flock. We get lazy and think of our own needs before those who we have responsibility to care for and watch over. When the shepherd does not care for the flock it scatters and the sheep become prey for the wolves who try to destroy the flock.

This parable is about missionary work. We are given the responsibility of taking care of God's children here in Samoa. Every day we have countless opportunities to either take care of the people here, or to take care of ourselves. Even little things like sleeping in for a few minutes extra, leaving the house late, coming home early, listening to worldly music, and not preparing properly for lessons are things that someone who really cares for the people would not do.

Satan does not take days off. He and his followers are trying 24/7 to scatter and destroy the flock of the Lord. If we are lazy for a day, if maybe we are too tired to go out and proselyte, then Satan gains ground. If we are too busy feeding the natural man to do the work of the Lord then we are not doing our duty.

I know that after this life I will stand before God and He will ask me where His flock is. If I have done my duty and cared for them then I will be rewarded. But if I have to answer, " um... well I was busy eating and then Satan came and took them. So I'm not quite sure where they are right now... maybe Satan took care of them...?" Then I will definitely not be rewarded.

All of us as members of the church of Jesus Christ have the responsibility to find those who are lost and bring them back. How do you want to answer to the Lord when He asks where they are?

Alofa atu ia te Outou,
-Elder Lamoreaux

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