Samoa Apia Mission - March 2015 - 2017

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chopping through the jungle

This week my comp and I got to baptize 2 people. Their names are Julie and Tutulu. Julie is 15 and she and her mom are the only active members of their family. Tutulu is 12 and the only member in her family. It is neat to see these two gain a testimony on the restored gospel and act on that testimony. I know that they will face a ton of opposition from family and friends as they remain active in the church, but I also know that they will be blessed by our Heavenly Father for their faithfulness.

It's interesting to see how people come to know of the truth of the gospel and are blessed as they accept it. Many people don't accept the gospel because it is hard to live in accordance with it's teachings. But I know that after this life we will receive a reward of everything that our leader has. There are only two eternal leaders, Jesus and Satan, If someone chooses to follow Satan then they will receive a fullness of everything that Satan has to give them. But if we follow Jesus then we will receive every thing he has promised us. So lets be careful in all of our decisions to follow the right leader.

I have learned this week that its a lot easier to do something hard if its your only option. Haha I thought of that when I was taking a shower, a cold shower because there isn't any hot water in Samoa. I laughed when I thought of it but I found that its a good way to make hard decisions. If you know that the right choice it going to be hard, then just eliminate the other options.  Haha I hope that makes sense, it make sense to me.

Always make sure that yous are doing all the little things, like reading the Book of Mormon every day and saying prayers morning and night. There is no better way to keep the spirit with you. That's the wonderful thing about the gospel, it is really quite simple, but there is no greater reward. 

We baptized 3 primary kids too.
Haha no, I can't get shoe goo here. Yeah my sandals died. I got my replacement shirt. The pants that they sent me  were the wrong ones. They sent me some grey ones instead of the tan khaki ones, its not a big deal... but I really liked the tan ones. ;)

Here's a picture of me doing a small service project of chopping through the jungle.

 Galuega fesoasoani mo se tagata o Samoa. Ou te fiafia tele le fa'aogaina o le sapelu.

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