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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Healing Blessing & Another Marriage

This morning we got awakened at 5 in the morning by the 2nd counselor of the bishopric knocking on our window. He said that an elderly lady in the ward was sick and wanted a blessing. We got up and put on white shirts and hurried up the mountain to her house. Her name is Velonita Lotomau Fesola`i, she is the oldest member of our ward and she loves missionaries.

Walking up to her house, I got to reflect on the sacred power of the priesthood and the obligation of those that hold it. When I received the priesthood I promised to live in a way that would ensure that I was always worthy to administer to those who need help.

The priesthood is a blessing to those who hold it only if they honor it by using it to bless the lives of others, and you can only use it to serve others if you are living in a way that you can receive guidance from the Lord. The Lord will not dwell in unclean temples, so if you are not living a clean life and you get called on to exercise your priesthood, then you will not have the guidance, or the power, of God with you. Needless to say that trying to give someone a blessing without the power of God, the priesthood, is 100% pointless.

Anyways, we arrived at her house and talked to her and she said that her entire body was numb. We gave her the blessing and I remember telling her that she would receive strength to her body and peace to her body and spirit. I remember saying that her work on the earth was not finished.

After the blessing she tried to get up, we told her not to but she said "leai,uma le ma'i, malosi a'u"  "no, the sickness is gone, I'm strong now". Pretty cool experience. I'm glad that my comp and I were living in a way that we were able to administer to her when she needed it.

We got to marry another couple this week. The guy's name is File and we will be baptizing him this Saturday. :D

Alofa atu ia te outou!
-Elder Lamoreaux

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