Samoa Apia Mission - March 2015 - 2017

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tracting in Samoa

Beautiful Samoa
Well I don't have much time this week because I just got news that I will be getting transferred to Aleisa. Whoo!

This past week was awesome. We did a lot of tracting and found some pretty awesome people. Tracting here is probably a lot different from the rest of the world. Instead of knocking on doors (because people don't have doors in Samoa) we walk up to the house and while we are still a little bit away we give a little speech thing that says in essence: "We are sorry for stupidly trampling your land here, but is there an opportunity for us inside the house to converse and get to know each other, then retreat and continue our visits?" The person inside the house then will usually say "ia, Susu mai lua susuga!"-z"ya, come here you two sirs" Then we take off our shoes and come in and sit on fala, hand woven grass mats, and the person we are visiting will say "ia susu mai ma tala mai au! Lua susuga faifeautala'i!" And then we give a speech that tells them how holy their house is, how holy they are and how clean their kids are. Then they give a reply speech and then we reply and then we finally get to talk and share a message. After we share a message and we are ready to leave, usually after they have respected us by feeding us, we give more speeches and then leave.

The culture here is so different from anything I ever thought it would be like. Its amazing how people can be so different but still meet with each other and become friends. the one thing that will always bring people together no matter who they are or where they are from is the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The one thing that we have in common is that we are children of God. And this means that by turning to that one great similarity we can connect with anyone who is willing to see the truth.

I love you all and will talk with you next week!
Alofa atu,
-Elder Lamoreaux

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