Samoa Apia Mission - March 2015 - 2017

Monday, September 14, 2015

Transfer, New Companion

Well, talofa lava from Samoa!
This week has been awesome and fun and terrifying. I mentioned last week that I was getting transferred to Aleisa on Upolu, but I got a call the next day that changed that. I was told that I was getting transferred to Amanave in Tutuila (American Samoa). Amanave is the biggest area in Tutuila. I was alright with that because that would help me stay un-fat. I asked who my companion would be and the Zoneleaders said they didn't know.

A few minutes after that call I got a call from the mission president and he called me to be a trainer. I was shocked. I cried. I accepted. He told me that I would be training a new missionary from the MTC. I was really hoping it would be a Samoan who could speak the language because my Samoan is still kinda sketchy, but they said I'd be training a white guy. His name is Elder Larson and he is from Boise. So I am now training a white guy in an area that I don't know at all and I can't speak the Language. I am currently the youngest trainer in the mission, both in years and how long I have been on the mission. Pretty fun.

I met my comp and he is a total stud. He has the energy and desire that is going to help us a ton in our new area. He does have a weakness though... he gets motion sickness very easily. To get from the mission office in Upolu to our area in Tutuila we have to take a small plane. A very small plane. They were worried about the weight of the plane because it was a really full flight... a total of 15 people. The flight was kind of like those little rides that kids pay 50 cents to get bucked around of a toy bull, but it was a lot more violent and a lot more expensive.

We arrived safely in Tutuila and I only had a few little splatters of throw up on me from my comp. He used 3 barf bags in the 30 minute flight, this guy doesn't do things half way. Our area is one of the most beautiful in the entire mission. Its awesome. I have learned a lot from this experience already. I have been terrified because I don't know this area, the people, or the language. But I have learned to trust 100% on the Lord. I can't rely on myself now because there is nothing to rely on. So I am learning to trust God. The work I am doing is His work and He will not let me fail if I am relying on Him. The best way to get this work done is to let Him do it though us.

God Knows what this area needs and what the people need and especially what I need, and he is going to try His best to accomplish His will. I just have to be humble enough to let Him do His work. So yeah, that's what I've learned this week.

This is a pic of our flight over to Tutuila.

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