Samoa Apia Mission - March 2015 - 2017

Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28

Malo soifua outou!
This week has definitely been a week. First off, our area is huge. We probably cover about an 8th of the island of Tutuila. If yous get on Google maps and look up the two villages of Leone and Fagamalo, we cover all the area in between those two villages. We have two houses and we switch houses every week in order to be able to cover our whole area. 
The work was pretty slow when we got here, but it is beginning to pick up nicely as we put in good effort. This week was a bit hard on us physically, my comp got bit by a dog, we found that our beds have fleas in them, I sprained my ankle, etc, etc. Satan is trying to stop us but we are doing our best...
We had some good lessons this week, one of which was taught to a family named Lam Chung. Before the lesson Brother Lam Chung asked us "why are there so many different churches? The Bible says that there is only one God so why are the beliefs of the churches so different?"  We taught them the restoration and near the end of the lesson brother Lam Chung said to me "so this means that there shouldn't be any other churches in the world... there should only be the Mormon church, right?" We told him he was right and gave them a baptismal invite. He accepted. Yeah!!! :D
We haven't met with Taua again yet because she has been off the island at a funeral. But this week we had a stake missionary meeting and our branch president brought up that  we had taught Taua. The Stake presidency expressed their surprise that she had even let us in her house. They said that they had gone over to Amanave and asked her if they could build a chapel, they brought gifts and cows and pigs and stuff but they said that she didn't even consider their request. My testimony has definitely been strengthened that the Lord works in mysterious ways and he prepares people in His own time.
 Well time is short, but I love you all and I hope you are all doing well. Thanks for always writing me even though I'm not the best at writing you back.
Alofa atu! -Elder Lamoreaux

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